Discover. Create. LIFT.


Would you like to access and utilise some of your God-given creativity? Are you a budding writer, a seasoned writer or have just a smidgen of desire to write?

If so, join us to form our writers' collective! We'll provide time and motivation for you to write, plus opportunities to encourage one another and infuse ideas into each other's writing. Discover new things. Have space to create. Lift your writing to the next level through encouragement and feedback!

Next gathering:

Friday 18 October 2019 at Candace’s place in Fisher.

For preparation exercises or to get on our distribution list speak to Candace or contact us via the form below.


What you can expect:

  • Gatherings every 2-3 months, with optional additional chats in-between if you want more feedback or input.

  • A portion of time at each gathering to sit and write on your own.

  • Exposure to a variety of writing skills, approaches and techniques.

  • Opportunities to receive feedback on your writing in whatever way best helps you.

  • An increased vision for your writing, spurred on by the encouragement of others.

  • Opportunities to connect and get to know people in a different way.


Who can join:

Anyone! This group is for Redhillers and friends with any (or no) level of writing skill or experience. 

While this group celebrates our God-given creativity and purpose in our writing, we are not limited to writing that is specifically about spiritual themes.


How to join:

Speak to Candace OR complete the form below...

YES! I'd like to join or find out more about the Writers' Collective.

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The below questions are optional. If you want to, you can tell us a bit about your writing to help us prepare for our gathering!