Redhill Beach Getaway 2020

Friday 6 - Monday 9 March 2020 at murramarang

Our getaway is a great time to relax, refresh and hang out together in a different way. Enjoy a relaxing long weekend of community, camping, beach, food, coffee and tunes!

Murramarang is a holiday resort in South Durras, 15 min north of Batemans Bay. We book out an area as the ‘Redhill Village’. Join us in 2020 - check out accommodation and booking info below.


What to expect

This is a GETAWAY! A time to chill, chat, have beach fun, go for walks, read, play board games, kick a footy and play with kids. There is no fixed program, though we encourage people to eat meals together. This weekend is about fostering community, getting to know people better and creating fun memories.

The park has a kiosk, bistro, bar, waterpark, pool and children's playground. Find out more about the park facilities and surrounding region via the Murramarang website.


Accommodation options

Powered campsites - You can bring a caravan or camper trailer, tents or a simple swag! Closer to the time we can chat about sharing camping gear if needed.

Cabins - Cabins aren’t cheap but they are good quality and with lovely views. Try and book as close as possible to our Redhill Village (see map below).


Our Redhill Village is a collection of powered campsites with a communal ‘hub’ site where we eat and hang out together. Cabins are really close - check out the map below!

Red/orange/yellow are campsites. Blue are cabins. Site 222 is our communal hub.

Redhill at Murra 3.png


To book a cabin contact Murramarang direct - try to get a cabin as close to the village as possible!

To book a campsite within the Redhill Village talk to Claire Mortimer. See below for availability.

The following sites are for communal use:

  • Site 222 (community hub, same as 2019). This is where we chat, eat, play games and meet up.

  • The ensuite toilets next to sites 226 and 227 - these will be ladies and gents toilets for our Redhill group, to save you trekking to the main toilet block all the time.

The following powered campsites are available if you want to join us!

  • 224

  • 226*

  • 227*

  • 252

  • 253

  • If you have a small set-up, you can also pitch a tent on someone else's existing site (list below). Ask around or contact us to find out who has room!

* Sites 226 and 227 are available, but note that they are right next to the ensuite toilets which will be for communal use.

The following sites have already been booked by Redhillers:

96, 98, 99, 100 (Mortimer Snr, Doses, Mortimers, Smiths)

Powered campsites:

  • 223 (Hannah and Stu, with room for more)

  • 225 (Julie and Rohan + kids, with room for another small set-up)

  • 254 (Dion and Jen)

  • 255 (Candace and Andrew + kids)

  • 256 (Jo and Andrew, with room for more)

  • 257 (Amanda and Jonathan + kids)

  • 258 (Andrew and Dawn)




  • Sleeping gear (cabins have linen provided for master beds only)

  • Campers: $1 coins for amenities (change is also available at reception if required)

  • Clothes for hot/cold weather

  • Chairs to set up in our communal hub

  • BYO food and drinks (supermarkets are 10-20 minutes away, plus kiosk with take-away food on site), with cutlery/plates/cups

  • Extra money for food/bar

  • A coffee mug and coffee/tea, for those who love a cuppa

  • Games, books, activities, journal, kite, headphones - whatever you love to do to relax!

  • Beach/pool gear

  • Bikes/scooters/helmets

  • Camping stuff: see extra info for campers below.


Extra info for campers

If you need camping gear, talk to us and we can help you source some!

If you want to share sites with people, talk to each other, or let us know and we'll help you link with others.

Central amenities require $1 coins. Change is also available from reception if required.

Rules and regulations from the Murramarang website:

  • Please keep your site tidy and use the facilities provided for drying clothes discharge of sullage water and rubbish disposal, we ask that you do not tie ropes or secure tarps from our trees. Please do not dig trenches on or around your site. Unfortunately no open fires are permitted under local law. Plastic covers, carpets or mats outside tents or caravans are not permitted on any lawned area. (Shade cloth or similar is welcome).

  • No swearing, illegal drug use, no excessive use of alcohol, no undue mess around site, no unregistered overnight guests, no undue noise, no acts of violence or abuse, no smoking in accommodation, no unregistered vehicles and no driving lessons to be conducted in the park grounds.

  • Failure to comply with any of the above including any damage caused to resort accommodation or property may result in the guest being asked to vacate and leave the property with no refund issued. Please read our refund policy printed on your receipt issued on check in.

  • Note: Any caravan/campervan leads connected to our power outlets must be 15 AMP tested and tagged! The use of double adaptors is not allowed!

  • Plastic covers, carpets or mats outside tents or caravans are not permitted on any lawned area. Shade cloth or similar is welcome.