What do we believe?

We believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe God is holy, love, righteous and just; there is no one like Him. God created us to enjoy a relationship with Him, however sin separated us from Him.

But God's love never fails; He sent His only Son Jesus into the world to demonstrate His love for us. Jesus loved, healed, spoke truth, cast out demons, served and ultimately gave His life for us on the cross. But death had no hold on Him, and He rose from the dead! The Bible says Jesus died for the sins of the world, and He promises that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life. We believe that there will come a day when Jesus returns in all His glory.

We believe that the Holy Spirit draws us to Jesus, guides us in truth with Scripture (the Bible), comforts us, transforms us to be more like Jesus and empowers us to impact the world in Jesus' name. 


What are our values?

We love Jesus and want to be partners in the gospel. Our core values shape everything that we do. They are wholehearted worship, prayer, biblical teaching, authentic community and active compassion.


What’s “church”?

“Church” is the word we use to describe a community of people who worship together, love one another and are called out by Jesus to share the good news of who He is and what He’s done.


Why the name “Redhill”?

“Redhill” refers to the cross and the blood of Jesus.

At Redhill we want to be all about Jesus. He is why we meet and He is the centre of our lives. When Jesus was put to death on a cross on the hill of Calvary, we were made right with God. His sacrifice – His blood – makes friendship with God possible. That bloodstained hill is a symbol of the amazing thing that God has done in reconciling us to Him!

“Red Hill” is also a hill in Canberra’s inner south. On this hill we’ve met to discuss the formation of this church, prayed and worshipped as we've looked out over our city.