Redhill groups

Groups meet fortnightly in people's homes to eat, chat about your week, pray, worship and explore the Bible together. The purpose of our groups is to:

  • Be family

  • Promote the gospel

If you aren't linked in with a group yet, talk to us and we can help you get connected! Speak to us on Sundays or contact us.

What people say about groups…

“For two years we've shared our understanding of all that it means to love and follow Jesus. We all have different personalities, experiences, expectations and ideas. Through this diversity my comprehension of walking in community with one another has been strengthened.”

“Every one of these guys has taught me so much about Jesus and life, love and understanding. I’ve loved grappling and wrestling with life’s great questions with every point of view and messiness of self and situation allowed. I’m so grateful for each of these incredible people.”

“I gained greater insight into how God moves in us and amongst in unique and special ways. I am grateful for our group and all we have shared.”

“Amazing how much our lives have all changed, and how we’ve laughed, sung, cried and loved through it all. God has been so good to us.” 

Current group happenings

New groups commenced late July 2019. If you aren’t linked in yet and want to be part of a group, let us know!


growing in community and discipleship

Julie and Rohan are working with Brent to help our groups grow in discipleship and community - i.e. looking both inward to support and help each other mature in our faith, and outward to impact our neighbourhoods with the love of Jesus.

Past group happenings

The 24/7 prayer course banner


In Autumn and Winter 2018 most groups discovered more about prayer together through The Prayer Course. Prayer is one of our Redhill Church values and something we want to do more, enjoy more and learn more about.

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Spiritual Gifts

In late 2017 most groups dived into discovering more about spiritual gifts, in line with our Sunday teaching series. While that specific teaching series has concluded, as we move into 2018 we will continue as a church community to learn more about how the Spirit wants to work through us, and to create safe environments to step out and put what we've learnt into practise. 

If you want to read up in your own time, check out this big list of books about spiritual gifts.

If you have lingering questions about spiritual gifts, talk to your group leaders or contact us at any time!

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Our current groups started in mid-2017, and an important part of group formation is to get to know each other through sharing our stories. Some groups are still getting through everyone - and that's okay! Enjoy sharing your story, and hearing from others, as we grow as 'family' together.

2017 Travelling groups

We kicked off 2017 with 'travelling' groups - temporary groups that met in a different home each fortnight to get to know new people and chat about a range of topics to enrich our faith and strengthen community. Thank you for making the effort to cook, turn up in homes you've never been to, talk to people you don't know very well and contribute your prayers, encouragement and laughter.


Throughout 2016 we enjoyed continuing to get to know each other through sharing meals, prayer, discussion and social stuff. Sometimes groups did their own thing. Sometimes we all went through the same things, such as:

The Values series - we looked at the five Redhill values of wholehearted worship, prayer, biblical teaching, authentic community and active compassion.

The Gospel in Life series - looking at how the gospel can impact our heart, our communities and the way we live in the world. Check out a short two minute video explaining the series: