What to expect on a Sunday

Visiting our Sunday gathering? Here's what you can expect:


We meet in Lyons, in the Lyons Church of Christ building: corner Launceston and Melrose, Lyons (map).

  • Parking: enter carpark via Marrawah Street.

  • Accessibility: there is ramp access, small (10cm) step up into door then flat inside. There is an accessible bathroom.

  • Kid facilities: there are two rooms for kids (one carpeted), lounges and access to a kitchen.

Click here for further details on our venue including map and bus information.


  • 3.15pm - Tea and coffee available.

  • 3.30pm - Announcements, worship, communion, teaching and prayer. We don't do things in the same order each week.

  • 5.00pm-ish - Finish


We love to worship through song, and we make it a priority when we meet together. We encourage everyone to stand and sing together as we believe our 'together' worship is significant. But please know that you have the freedom to sit, stand, lie down, dance, write, draw or whatever!

We sing songs from a wide variety of sources - to get a taste for the songs we sing check out our Redhill Church: Songs We Sing playlist on Spotify.

Song lyrics are displayed on a screen. Sometimes we might sing things that aren't on the screen; this means we are just going with the flow and singing to God whatever is on our hearts. Sometimes we are quiet for a while; this means we're reflecting or praying or waiting to get a sense of what God might be saying to us in that moment.


Every week we eat some bread and drink red juice as a symbolic way of remembering what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross. We try to explain a little bit about that each week before we eat and drink.

If you want to reflect on what Jesus has done for you then you are welcome to take communion with us, regardless of your church or denominational background. If you'd rather not take it that's fine; feel free to use that moment to reflect in your own way.


We hear from a range of speakers, including Brent our pastor as well as a variety of women and men in the church.


Sometimes the person up the front will pray for something on our behalf, or sometimes we all pitch in and pray for each other.

We sometimes close our eyes because it helps us focus, but you don't have to close your eyes or adopt a certain position in order to pray with us.


We have a simple supervised program for kids during term time. We usually let the kids stay in the big room for the first couple of songs and communion, then take them out for kids' church.

We understand the reality of having little kids at church and we are used to the mild chaos that comes with them! We are used to babies crying, kids running around, mums breastfeeding.

Get in touch

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