Helpful resources

Below are some talks and books that might be helpful. We will add to this list over time.


Relevant talks from our own podcast.

About the Holy Spirit:

About healing:


For details on any of these or recommendations on books to answer specific questions, talk to Brent.

Everyday supernatural.jpg

Everyday Supernatural (M Pilavachi and A Croft) - ebook / paperback  

Practicing the power.jpg

Practicing the Power - Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life (S Storms) - ebook / paperback


Discover your spiritual gifts.jpg

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (C P Wagner) - ebook / paperback

Beginners guide spirital gifts.jpg

Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Gifts (S Storms) - ebook / paperback

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Books about the Holy Spirit in general:

Jesus continued.png

Jesus Continued (J D Greear) - ebook / paperback

Who on earth is the HS.jpg

Who on earth is the Holy Spirit? (T Chester and C de la Hoyde) - ebook / paperback

Encounter the HS.jpg

Encounter the Holy Spirit (J Morgan) - ebook / paperback

How to be filled.jpg

How to be filled with the Holy Spirit (A W Tozer) - ebook / paperback

Holy Fire.jpg

Holy Fire (R T Kendall) - ebook / paperback

Paul Spirit People of God.jpg

Paul, the Spirit and the People of God (G D Fee) - ebook / paperback

Surprised by the power.jpg

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit (J Deere) - ebook / paperback

Person and work of HS.jpg

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (R A Torrey) - ebook / paperback

Who is the Holy Spirit.jpg

Who is the Holy Spirit? (R C Sproul) - ebook / paperback

Questions of life.jpg

Questions of Life: The Holy Spirit (N Gumbel) - paperback

Holy Spirit and reality.jpg

The Holy Spirit and Reality (W Nee) - hardback

Forgotten God.jpg

Forgotten God (F Chan) - ebook / paperback

HS introduction.jpg

The Holy Spirit: An Introduction (J Bevere) - ebook