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Next get-together

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Want to chat in the meantime? We're always here to help you think through upcoming talks, give feedback and lend out resources such as commentaries. Speak to Brent or Jill via any of our contact channels.

For notes from our previous get-togethers check out Preaching Community: The Journey.

About us

The Redhill Preaching Community is a gathering of people from our church community who are currently preaching, who are interested in preaching, or who want to improve in public speaking generally. It is a series of get-togethers over the year where we will help each other shape our hearts, build our skills and establish a support base for us to draw feedback, encouragement and ideas.

Stand and Deliver resources

This is a curation of resources which reflect some of the discussion topics in our get-togethers. These resources will be built up progressively throughout the year, and include stuff to read, videos to watch, links to podcasts and other articles and blogs. Check them out here...

Topics covered so far include:

Topics still to come:

  • More on preparation

  • Different structures and styles

  • Developing content

  • Physical aspects (hands, body, voice)

  • Use of technology and visual aids

  • Dealing with distractions

  • Thinking on your feet

Check out what we've got so far...

Recommended resource

'Loud and Clear' by Ali Martin

Ali Martin

Ali Martin

'Loud and Clear' is a bunch of resources in different formats by Ali Martin from Soul Survivor UK. Ali teaches on a range of aspects of preaching, from preparation to unpacking the Bible to the 'speaking' part. We will refer to the 'Loud and Clear' resources regularly when we meet together. 

Get the book here: ebook / paperback 

Watch the videos here 

Listen to podcast episodes: we'll refer to these throughout our Stand and Deliver resources.

Want to join?

For further information or if you want to come along, contact us or chat to Jill or Brent on Sundays.