Do you want to commit to praying for/with someone?

While we can all pray for - and ask for prayer from - anyone at any time, we know some people may benefit from being partnered up with someone. 

Prayer partners will:

  • Partner up for an agreed period - e.g. six months, twelve months etc.
  • Commit to praying for or with each other regularly (however it works best for you).
  • Either meet up, or send each other prayer requests regularly.
  • Ask each other what you can be praying for (e.g. work stuff, health stuff, life decisions etc)
  • Follow up with each other to ask how things are going.

Prayer partners will not:

  • Talk about each other's prayer requests with other people.
  • Assume the role of counsellor, psychologist or doctor.

How to become a prayer partner

Tell us if you want to be partnered up with someone, and we can help facilitate that!

Tell us by:

If you want us to contact you by phone...