For people who take photos or videos at our events and gatherings.

On this page:

Photos and videos that are helpful
Media formats
How to send photos
Things to keep in mind
Privacy considerations

redhill worship night april 2018, by jamie scott

redhill worship night april 2018, by jamie scott

Photos that are helpful:

  • Photos of people together looking happy
  • Photos of kids that don’t show their faces
  • Photos that show what we’re doing (praying, singing, listening, eating, talking)
  • Close-up photos of what we’re doing without our faces – e.g. holding bible, taking communion, hand on shoulder, holding food etc.
  • Photos that have a big blank space with something interesting at the edges/corners.
  • Photos of Canberra city – e.g. buildings, cafes, streets, events, nature etc.

Videos that are helpful:

  • If you are taking video of an event to be shown on Sundays or used for future promo purposes -
    • Check beforehand if people are happy to be in the video (if not, avoid videoing them). Depending on the event and purpose of the footage, we may need to get consent in writing, Check with whoever is leading the event.
    • Landscape-orientation (i.e. hold your phone sideways).
  • If you are taking quick footage for Insta/FB stories -
    • Portrait-orientation videos (i.e. hold your phone upright).
    • Up to 15 seconds in length.
Kids at Redhill Getaway 2017, by Lani Geddes

Kids at Redhill Getaway 2017, by Lani Geddes

Photo formats:

Orientation: We need landscape orientation more often than we need square or portrait, however square and portrait are still welcome! Order of need: landscape > square > portrait.

Insta/FB stories: For Instagram and Facebook 'stories', we need portrait-orientation 9x16 photos or short videos (15 secs max). 'Stories' photos and videos are less about perfect artistry and more about capturing a great moment.

File type: Any standard image file (e.g. jpg, png). 

How to send photos:

Send photos to us via any of our communication channels.

'No Better Place' recording 2014, by keren suzanne nicholson

'No Better Place' recording 2014, by keren suzanne nicholson

Things to keep in mind:

We will value people’s dignity over a great photo. This means that:

  • We will be aware of when people might be particularly vulnerable (e.g. during prayer or worship) and be extra sensitive when taking photos at these times.
  • We will not publish close-up photos or videos of people unless they give consent.
  • When publishing a promotion that may be viewed more widely (i.e. beyond our regular church community and acquaintances), we will seek consent of those featured in the image or footage before publishing.
  • We will not publish any identifying photos or videos of people under 18 unless their parents agree. See additional notes under 'Privacy' below.

We will value the moment over the photo. This means that:

  • We will try to keep photo-taking to a minimum so we can be fully present (or delegate someone as photographer if we need lots of photos).
  • We will accept that not all moments need to be captured in a photo.
  • We will accept that moments can be significant and memorable without being publicised (i.e. avoid the trap of “if it’s not on insta then it didn’t happen”).
Bike ride and picnic 2013, photographer unknown (was this you??)

Bike ride and picnic 2013, photographer unknown (was this you??)

Privacy considerations:

  • If you take photos or video footage of anyone under 18 at a Redhill Church event, don’t publish them unless you have permission from their parents. This is in alignment with broader child protection policies; for details speak to Candace.
  • Before photographing or videoing a church event, check with Jill or Brent if there is anyone present who doesn’t want their photo taken for privacy/legal reasons.
  • Avoid photos that identify personal information about people – e.g. car number plates, uniforms, full views of their house etc.


We will try our best to credit photographers.

Sometimes we might not credit photos - e.g. if the photo is part of a more complex graphic or if we can't remember who took it. If you see your photo being used without credit, feel free to point it out to us and we'll credit you!

We assume the photos you send us are for us to use for Redhill purposes. If you'd rather use your photo for your own project, best not send it to us as we don't want to hijack the image from you!

balloon festival, by anna flutsch

balloon festival, by anna flutsch