Sunday Hosting

Arrive by 2.15-2.30pm (check with your group leaders).

First job: Help unload equipment from cars. Then…

Main room

  • Hang festoon lights

  • Put out rugs, tables, chairs, and lamps

  • Set up projector and computer

  • Stack excess chairs

  • Put decor on tables

  • Cover partitions and piano with fabric

After the gathering:

  • Pack everything up and put back in storage corner (except for PA, projector and computer).

  • Vacuum


  • Hang mesh ‘Redhill’ sign over front concrete wall and put A-Frame sign somewhere visible outside

  • Set up front door with welcome doormat, little ramp and entry rug

  • Set up wooden ‘Welcome’ sign and ‘Welcome’ table just inside door

  • Set up three small tables scattered throughout foyer for arvo tea food

After gathering:

  • Pack everything up and put back in storage corner

  • Sweep floor

  • Check that bathrooms are tidy


  • Fill and turn on urn at 2.45pm

  • Set up coffee/tea etc on bench (our drink supplies in Redhill cupboard under bench)

  • If you have food, set up food on foyer tables

  • Stay around kitchen area to serve drinks

  • Assist with setting up communion if necessary

After the gathering

  • Wash, dry and put away dishes

  • Pack up our drink supplies and put back in our cupboard

  • Leave kitchen clean and tidy

  • Empty bin and put in bin outside


  • Stand near entrance from 3.15pm onwards to welcome people.

  • If new visitors come:

    • Give them a welcome flyer

    • Explain where things are (e.g. drinks, main room, toilets, kids’s rooms)

    • Explain how the gathering works (e.g. start in main room 3.30pm, kids will be invited to go out, YA hangs afterwards etc.)

    • Introduce them to someone

    • If time, offer them a drink

After the gathering:

  • Check that new visitors have people to talk to

Other ways you can help if you have time:

  • Assist setting up kids room (talk to Candace or whoever is rostered on kids)

  • Assist musos with equipment as needed

  • Entertain kids if parents are setting up/rehearsing